Welcome to the hub

Welcome to the new digital hub for members of the Subject Specialist Network: European Paintings pre-1900. The aim of this site is to encourage networking and communication among members, ensuring that they are kept informed and in touch with the wider network.

My name is Bryony Smith and I work with Mary Hersov at the National Gallery as National Programmes Co-ordinator. I will be overseeing the organisation of this site, posting news about the network's projects and events, and working with members to disseminate their contributions. 

The hub will include updates about forthcoming study days, relevant events and exhibitions, funding opportunities, and news from network members. The site will also act as a resource for reports on past study days and projects funded by National Gallery research bursaries.

In addition, it hopes to establish a platform for discussion and a means to share news and ideas across the network, and we hope to develop new ways to allow members to interact and exchange information with each other, to promote knowledge and understanding of collections, and to build partnerships.

The way we communicate with network members will also change. We are replacing the JISC mailing system with a new email address through which you can communicate with us, and submit contributions to be posted on the hub (ssn@ng-london.org.uk). We will also send out a bi-annual newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest events and notify you of new content on the site.  

We would like to take the opportunity to extend our thanks to the Pilgrim Trust, who have generously supported the network since 2012. Without their assistance we could not have established this new site, which we hope will be instrumental in connecting members and acting as a resource for information on Old Master paintings; and allow the network to flourish and grow.