National Gallery loan to Rembrandt exhibition at Norwich Castle

Rembrandt,  Anna and the Blind Tobit , about 1630 ©The National Gallery

Rembrandt, Anna and the Blind Tobit, about 1630 ©The National Gallery

The National Gallery's 'Anna and the Blind Tobit' , painted by Rembrandt about 1630, is currently on loan to Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, where it is part of the exhibition 'Rembrandt - Lightening the Darkness'. 

The exhibition's focus lies on Rembrandt as a print maker and draughtsman, and illustrates, in the words of exhibition curator Dr. Francesca Vanke, his extraordinary 'handling of light and darkness, expressed purely through the medium of black lines and the white space around them'.

'Rembrandt - Lightening the Darkness' draws on Norwich Castle's own rich collection of Rembrandt's etchings, displayed together again for the first time in 30 years, complemented by selected loans. The National Gallery's painting 'Anna and the Blind Tobit' was engraved during Rembrandt's lifetime and provides another example of the artist's fascination with the use of light and darkness.

'Lightening the Darkness' runs at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery until 7 January 2018, accompanied by a programme of talks and printmaking demonstrations.